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Jeremiah first discovered yoga as a teenager, using it to relieve severe depression and lethargy...using the tools of yoga to tame a wildly chaotic & self deprecating mind.  Travelling around the country he 
met a plethora of people coast to coast, discovering genuine kindness in strangers & learning humility from homelss gurus.  Living out of a backpack and sleeping under bridges, he sought to strip away the nonessentials to see what life was really about.  

Jeremiah earned his 500Hr RYT from St. Petersburg Yoga in Florida, and has earned a certificate in Street Yoga, teaching yoga to homeless & troubled youth.  In his travels, he witnessed many people living in pain with no end & sees no better use of his time than sharing the powerful tools of yoga with others.  Jeremiah has a unique set of life lessons to bring to the mat, emphasizing the importance of self-love, interconnectedness, cultivating contentment through our greatest challenges.  

In the Spring of 2017, Jeremiah's travels landed him in Bonners Ferry with a desire to be in the mountains and a place where he can make a difference in yoga education & outreach.

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