Sandpoint Hot Yoga

Let's Talk Heat

You won't die, we promise

We have a variety of hot Bikram & Vinyasa.  Read on for benefits of heat.
We have a variety of warm classes including Vinyasa, Kundalini, Yogalates, Restorative
Kt's cold here in North Idaho!  Grab your mat and get outside.  
Not ALL our classes are Hot so if you have a special condition or have tried it and REALLY can't handle the heat, check our variety of room temperature classes.  

Our wish is that you don't judge the heat before you try it (a few times.)  Practicing yoga in a heated environment is not the same as being sensitive to the hot weather. 

Some Benefits of Practicing in a Heated Environment:
Protects muscles to allow deeper stretching with less risk of injury

Increases circulation which increases metabolism

Increases heart rate for a better cardiovascular workout

Boosts the immune system

Increases joint mobility and range of motion

Detoxifies the body through increased circulation & sweat

Alleviates symptoms of chronic disease and injury

Builds mental strength and focus

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