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Christine began her journey into yoga over 20 years ago in Southern California with the structured practice of Bikram Yoga.  She greatly appreciated the stillness of mind and focused intensity this style offered.  After 10 years of Bikram Yoga, Christine travelled to Costa Rica and began practicing a more fluid form of yoga.  For the first time she truly felt at home in her body as she explored a vinyasa style practie.  She loved the duality of strength and softness.  And the stillness.  That is what she returns to over and over again.

 Stillness of mind, Tranquility of spirit.  

Christine began teaching yoga in Costa Rica and has been teaching ever since.  Christine's style is strong, calm, and purposeful.  "My hope is for my students to become more fully and authentically themselves and to find a deep sense of gratitude for their bodies.  Together I want us to become whole beings and to cultivate a connection between mind, body, soul, and spirit.  I believe the mat is a powerful starting point for this process."
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