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Class Descriptions

Below are brief descriptions of our current class offerings.  All classes are suitable for beginners, we work with all levels and abilities.  It is very important to alert the instructor of particular concerns and/or conditions you are working with so we can best guide you and/or recommend an appropriate class.  



Traditional Bikram series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises practiced in a hot room.  Don't let the heat scare you away, the practice is suitable for all abilities (especially beginners), ages, and conditions/injuries. Postures are static with a pause in between, half standing, half on the floor, to work all of your body inside and out.

BIKRAM EXPRESS - Same as above in a 60 min condensed practice
A powerful, energetic form of yoga where students are taught to connect movement with breath.  A combination of standing and seated postures.  This class focuses on building strength while leaning how to move with fluidity through their breath.  Suitable for all levels and abilities.

WARM FLOW - Same as above in a less-than-hot room!



Fusion classes blend styles and sequences from the main yoga traditions.  This class blends the Bikram series with some Vinyasa flow.  As with all classes, this class is suitable for beginners and all abilities.  This class has a Bikram base and a great introduction to the Vinyasa practice...the best of both worlds!
A gentler form of yoga in which postures are typically held longer ...a challenging yet relaxing class that allows you to fully experience a posture, aligning the physical and mental by practicing stillness or gentle movement.  This class is not hot (but it is heated to a warm temperature) and especially beneficial for those who are looking for a introduction to yoga, the heat, or are working through a particularly challenging physical/mental/emotional issue. 



This class provides you the instruction and tools you need to strengthen your core, improve your flexibility, balance & posture. Combining mat Pilates essential principles AND incorporating yoga postures to help tone your body, shape your legs, strengthen your core.  Debbie is skilled in teaching the basics of proper alignment & movement in order to gain maximum benefits & strength.  Come try out this blended class of two of our favorite disciplines!
In this introduction to Kundalini Yoga we will tune the body, mind and spirit for the returning sun and spring. Class will be focused on deep healing of the self thru meditation, breath, physical movement, mantra and relaxation.
Kundalini Yoga is fun, powerful and effective. It challenges students physically to help them find the strength of their spirit and the courage to listen to their heart.
All levels are welcome. No previous yoga experience is necessary. With Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor – Mindy Jones.

First Chair Flow ​(Wednesdays 5:30am)​​

Karma Class ​(Wednesdays 6pm)​​

Vinyasa flow in a warm environment.   A basic flow sequence designed to warm up your major muscles in your body in the early morning hour.  Named "First Chair Flow" specifically for the skiers and snowboarders who want to get their practice on and still be on the mountain for first chair!  
Vinyasa flow in a warm environment.  $5 drop-in donation rate that goes to a good cause each month.  A great option for those who don't have a regular class package or pay $5 instead of using your package and flow for a community cause.

Kids / Teens

Offering Older Kid/Teen Yoga this session for ages 9-14 (some exceptions apply, please ask us if your child does not fall into this age range & would like to attend.) Please ask us about sessions, times, & registration.  If we have a current session going, your child is welcome to drop-in to try a class.  
It's never too early to introduce the benefits of yoga to children.   They will learn techniques for breathing, stretching & body awareness, posture, acceptance and....having fun!
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