Sandpoint Hot Yoga

New to Yoga

You are the perfect candidate for the benefits of yoga

Yoga is not just for the flexible, just the opposite.  In fact, if you are not flexible, if you cannot touch your toes, or perhaps cannot even see your toes, you are a perfect candidate for the benefits of yoga. 

The classes are a series of postures and breathing exercises practiced in a heated room (some classes are hot, some are warm.)  Most classses are beginner classes so whether you are an experienced yogi, or whether you have never exercised in your life, everyone will receive the benefits and ANYONE can do it.   There is a light atmosphere and there is no pressure to perform.  It's up to you to proceed at your own pace and to do as much or as little as you desire.   No one will be watching or judging.  

The most difficult part of your yoga experience will hands down be getting yourself to the studio for your first class and walking through the door.  Let us take care of the rest.  
How to prepare for class...
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The doors to the studio open 30 minutes prior to class start.  We have changing rooms for your convenience & privacy. 
Arrive at least 10-15 min. early for your 1st class

Come well hydrated

No big meals 2-3 hours before class

Wear light, breathable clothing
(baggy or long clothing may hinder your practice)

Bring a bath towel (for hot classes), yoga mat, & water
(all available for rent or purchase at the studio)

Be prepared to change your life!

It's very difficult to get an idea of what the yoga is about in one class.  Come back as soon as you can after your first class.  Talk to us, ask us questions.  The more you practice, the more you will feel and discover about yourself.
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