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Stefanie brings many years of yoga experience as well as tremendous enthusiasm for teaching & helping students as she joins Sandpoint Hot Yoga.  Stefanie shines when it comes to reading students' ability.  Her willingness to guide people of all ages, shapes & strengths while leading an energizing and soothing series makes yoga both fun and engaging --and brings the focus back to the main reason many come to this wonderful community:  to improve your life, health and well-being.  Stefanie received her teaching certification with Bikram Choudhury in 2002, and has done many workshops with Bikram, his wife Rajashree and several of his senior staff teachers.  After more than a decade of teaching Bikram Yoga in the US, England, Ireland, and New Zealand, Stefanie was ready to add more to her toolbox & completed teacher trainings with Tony Sanchez in 2014.  A native of Sandpoint, she is excited to continue sharing, learning and practicing alongside everyone here in her hometown.
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