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Yoga for Dudes

Are you a guy (or know a guy) who is hestitant to try yoga because:

1.  I'm not flexible enough
2.  It's not going to be challenging
3.  It's going to be TOO challenging, i'm embarassed
4.  I'll be among a sea of women who are overly in touch with their spiritual side and, well, i'm a dude.  

Sandpoint Hot Yoga has your back, here's the real scoop guys...

 You will most likely not be the only man in class but you will be the minority,  you will be able to do more than you think, it will be hard and even painful at times, you don't have to be able to touch your toes or even your shins, you will not have to chant, you will not have to give up meat or beer, you do not have to wear tights, you will not be judged, it will be hard and you WILL gain strength and flexibilty and tone.   

How to Prepare for Class: 

We have a separate male changing room with a shower for your privacy and convenience.  
Arrive at least 10-15 min. early for your 1st class

Come well hydrated

No big meals 2-3 hours before class

Wear light, breathable clothing
(A pair of swim trunks or long shorts and a t-shirt or tank top)

Bring a bath towel (for hot classes), yoga mat, & water
(Not required....all are available for rent or purchase at the studio)

Be prepared to increase strength, flexibility, gain energy & staminia.

It's very difficult to get an idea of what the yoga is about in one class.  Come back as soon as you can after your first class.  Talk to us, ask us questions.  There are classes that may be more suited to men, ask us!
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